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We offer a wide-range of analytical applications and fuel research and diagnostics in many domains of modern biology and organic chemistry. Our main applications are listed below. Please inquire if your application of interest is not listed.

Genomics & Transcriptomics

de novo
de novo sequencing of genomes, metagenomes, and transcriptomes
SNPs and Variants
detection of genomic variations, like SNPs, Indels, structural variants
expression analysis
gene expression, differential expression, isoform switching, non-coding RNA expression (done with microarray or RNA-seq)
micro-RNA and small RNA
micro-RNA quantification and discovery, analysis of further types of small RNA
DNA binding and histone modifications
ChIP-seq based analysis of DNA-binding and histone modifications
DNA modifications
DNA methylations and other DNA modifications
Analysis based on selectively amplified RNA/DNA elements


Sample Preparation
expert advice on sample preparation for mass spectrometry based experiments
reduction of sample complexity by fractionation at the protein and/or peptide level
Protein & Peptide Identification
Proteome wide or single protein identification using ESI or MALDI mass spectrometry
Protein & Peptide Quantification
stable isotope based (iTRAQ, SILAC, TMT..); label-free (precursor based, emPAI, ..); targeted (SRM); data independent (SWATH, DIA)
Post-translational Modifications
analysis of PTMs at the single protein or proteome level (i.e: phosphorylation, acetylation, methylation, ..)
Protein Interaction
Microarray Printing


Sample Preparation
expert advice on sample preparation and experimental design for MS based metabolomics experiment
online reduction of sample complexity and collection of fractions for follow up analysis
Metabolite Analysis
MS based analysis of polar small molecules (endogenous metabolites) and lipids
Exact Mass Measurement (EMM)
assigning the molecular formula to unknowns

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