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The primary mission of the FGCZ is to consult and advice the research community throughout the several stages leading to a scientific experiment. The expertise of the people at the FGCZ provides a unique support from the very initial steps of any project, such as the choice of the most suited protocols, the employment of a specific technology and the most cost-effective experimental design. 

If you have a general question about working with the FGCZ, please contact usThis first inquiry is usually followed up by a kick-off meeting at which all the different aspects of the interaction with the FGCZ, such as the best access mode, the experimental design, the costs, will be discussed in details.

At the FGCZ we offer three support modes. Regardless of the support mode,  anything happening at the FGCZ, from a practical point of view (requesting projects, ordering services, bringing samples, accessing data), starts from and develops through our project management framework, B-Fabric.


If you are planning to leverage some of the state-of-the-art technologies at the FGCZ but you do not need physical access to our center (i.e. you will deliver or ship your samples), then you probably want to order a service for a fee.


Do you need access to the FGCZ labs to work on site together with our team? Consult us about the User lab access mode and our support and training possiblities.


In case you have new and challenging techniques or ideas that you would like to test or productively implement together with the FGCZ, please contact us for a discussion of collaboration options.

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