FGCZ Policies

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Access to Services and Technologies

Access to analytical services, instruments, data analysis workflows and infrastructures, is based on research support needs and defined in detail in the different Omics sections of the FGCZ.

Physical Access

Access to the FGCZ labs is granted to all researchers of ETH Zurich and University of Zurich with projects or services running at the FGCZ. External academic and industry researchers and customers can be granted access based on the needs for support and communication.

Data Management and Data Access

All data at the FGCZ is stored in an access controlled and structured fashion via the B-Fabric system. Policies on data storage, download opportunities, software use, etc. are defined in detail in the different Omics sections and support modes.

Safety and Security

Safety and security policies for the campus are defined by the Division for Safety, Security and Environment of the University of Zurich.

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