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The FGCZ is committed to serve as a knowledge hub and provides education in form of lectures, block courses, and seminars. Most teaching efforts of the FGCZ are directed to the individual training of PhD students and postdocs on the practical example of their own research projects that are carried out in collaboration with the FGCZ. These trainings start with discussions on experimental design and related statistical aspects, continue through biochemical and molecular biological work related to sample processing and preparation, analytical chemistry and biophysical subjects during data collection and generation, and finally include tutoring and mentoring of data analysis and interpretation using computational and bioinformatics approaches.

Courses organized and run by the FGCZ

Block courses in Genomics and Transcriptomics are held (almost) monthly at the FGCZ. They consist of a combination of theoretical and practical work in both the wet and the dry labs. For all the details, visit our Transcriptomics and Genomics course pages.  


ETH / UZH Lectures

Additionally, the staff of the FGCZ contributes his expertise through incorporating lectures and practical courses into the standard modules offer at both the University of Zurich and the ETH. The details of these modules are listed here below.

Lecture series

Lecture series and courses provide the theoretical basis for the practical work.


  • ETH 551-0364-00L; UZH 3294 Functional Genomics
  • ETH 4401-6282-00L; UZH 3272 Statistical Methods for the Analysis of Microarray and Short-Read Sequencing Data
  • UZH 3557 / BIO 678 Statistical methods in biology
  • UZH 3555 / BIO GPPS Introduction to Functional Genomics
  • UZH 609 / MINF 4217 XML und Datenbanken
  • UZH 3597 / BIO 668 Molecular and Cell Biology of Cancer
  • UZH 3415 / CHE 434 Chemical Biology
  • UZH 3658 / BIO 256 Proteomics in Biology

Practical courses

Practical courses are offered to mainly PhD students of ETH and UZH. The average course lasts 4 days and includes theory and hands-on modules


  • UZH 4185 / BIO 393 Life Sciences: From the transcriptome to the proteome – a combined -Omics course.
  • UZH 4498 / BIO 680 Life Sciences: Next Generation Sequencing 
  • UZH 4964 / BIO 675 Life Sciences: RNA Sequencing 

Additional FGCZ courses are offered for


  • Data analysis and interpretation in Metabolomics
  • Analytical approaches and data analysis options for quantitative Proteomics
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