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General/Admin Questions

Q. How long it takes to have my project approved by the FGCZ?

A. The project approval may require a few days. The applicant is usually  invited to a personal kick-off meeting for the project discussion. All the experimental and technical  details will be discussed in order to evaluate the feasibility of the project. 


Q. What is the project coach?

A. The coach is an FGCZ employee that will coordinate the experiments within the project and is the main reference contact for the user.


Q: How do I get a quote?

A. Please contact us at one of the following addresses (based on the technology you need), describing what type of service/project you are interested in:

  • Genomics/Transcriptomics:
  • Proteomics:
  • Metabolomics:


Q: What are the prices for a service?

A. The cost of some services offered by the FGCZ can be checke here: fgcz service price list.

In case the service you are interested in is not listed in the above mentioned price table, please requste a quote for your service at one of the following addresses:

  • Genomics/Transcriptomics:
  • Proteomics:
  • Metabolomics:





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